A heart-felt photo collage is the best National Doctors’ Day gift

 National Doctors’ Day is a professional holiday on which patients congratulate a person who had become a part of their life and a more important become a great friend. The doctor support during the hard times of the illness, sharing the happy moments of recovery with, always ready to come and help, encourage with a joke or a kind word. In addition, this is a holiday of the boss and employee, with whom you have gone through so many bad and good things which, despite the subordination, he or she had become almost like a relative!

  What kind of gift could you make to the doctor, colleague, or a friend on his or her professional holiday? We suggest you opting out for a creative approach and making a gift on your own! No worries, we don’t advertise master classes on handiwork! A photo mosaic is an extraordinary alternative, isn’t it?The MOZAUS service offers the following options for the gift mosaic background (to the dear doctor from his/her patient): 

  • a baby portrait (for pediatricians) or a smile (for dentists); 

  • a heart against the background of a cardiogram (for cardiologists); 

  • a group shot of smiling medical workers (colleagues); 

  • a clinic logo or a symbol of medicine (a snake winding the cup); 

  • a bouquet of tender spring flowers (for women). 

 The profession of a doctor is chosen by people with a sense of humor and style! So let’s consider these playful options for a long-time colleague or a close friend:

  • a pizza (for nutritionists); 

  • a brain in the form of gearwheels (for psychologists); 

  • a mummy (for plastic surgeons); 

  • Avatar film heroine (for drug therapists); 

  • Pinocchio (for sexual health specialists); 

  • shark jaws (for dentists); 

  • pin-up style postcard with a nurse; 

  • House M. D. 

 The collage elements include photos from your laptop, mobile photo, Internet, or social networking sites. The minimum number of photos is 20, while the maximum number is unlimited (hundreds and thousands of photos)! The size, orientation (horizontal or vertical), color of the future gift frame are preselected by the client. So create a unique photomosaic for a doctor or a colleague in just 15 minutes following these three simple steps:

- Think of, select, and upload the main photo or picture for the future collage. 

- Select photos for mosaic elements, and upload them. 

- Come up with mosaic parameters and color, and assess the result! 

Here are the reasons to choose photo collage as a gift: 

  • a mosaic, created by a patient, a colleague, or a friend, has a part of the “artist’s” soul and warmth; 

  • attention, gratitude and friendship aren’t measured by money, though the cost of the “heart-felt” collage is pleasantly low, and it looks decent! 

  • the MOZAUS service provides a means of maintaining kind and friendly relationship, saving time effort!

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