A photomosaic is an unforgettable St Patrick’s Day gift

What kind of gift can we make for our friends or people we are in love with on St Patrick’s Day? Usually, we don’t know much about this merry Catholic holiday, and there are quite few gift options being suggested on the internet, such as: 

  • a toy leprechaun figurine holding a pint of froth-covered; 

  • a green Irish top hat with a shamrock on it; 

  • a CD with traditional folk music, uilleann pipes and bodhrans; 

  • a seasonal ticket to the Irish step dance classes. 

And that’s it… Beef stew with cabbage, bacon and beer doesn’t count! These kind of gifts are problematic for the office people! An exhausting working week wearing people out, not leaving much place and time for creativity to look up for an interesting present to buy! 

A photomosaic is an unconventional approach of how to turn one’s brave and creative ideas into reality! Unique technology provided by MOZAUS service makes it possible to create a uniquely-designed mosaic out of twenty or even one thousand pictures in just 6 minutes. The background template for the future “masterpiece” may be made of the following ideas:  

  • a picture of your old friend portrayed as a fairy leprechaun; 

  • a picture of your work colleague in the role of the red-bearded Irishman with a bagpipe; 

  • a portrait of your sweetheart in the sprite costume, wearing a green top hat on the head and a shamrock on the breast; 

  • an archaized picture of you and your loved one; 

  • a picturesque mountain scene of Ireland’s Coast.  

No photographer or photo studio are required to create the basic composition or a portrait. This is because you can take advantage of Photoshop greatness! Your personal pictures stored in your laptop, mobile phone or your social networks will make the elements of the future mosaic:  

  • last year’s “play-by-play” photos taken in the pub or in the circle of friends; 

  • funny, amusing, friendly, or love pictures taken together; 

  • Internet illustrations about admirers of Saint Patrick; 

  • miniatures and comics about the main festival of pint pots. 

Stages of the perfect gift construction: 

- Sign up at the MOZAUS service. 

- Upload the background template photo for the mosaic. 

- Select up to 1000 photos for the mosaic work elements from your favorite social network picture storage or upload your own. 

- Choose the picture size, its orientation (horizontal or vertical), frame size and color.

- Assess the results and correct if necessary using special Mozaus inline photo filters. 

Get the ready-made St. Patrick’s Day gift.When creating a unique photocollage, an author: 

  • becomes an art photographer and a designer; 

  • gives love and affection to a friend or to a loved one; 

  • creates an extraordinary gift on his own; 

  • creates an extraordinary gift out of pleasant memories; 

  • learns the origin of the holiday and traditions of the Old World; 

  • creates a high quality collage out of ten, hundred or even thousands of clear pictures;

  • saves time, strength and money!

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