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Photomosaic made of pictures is a very original present that will be very unexpected for anybody. If you have decided to make such an unusual present, our Mosaus service will prove useful to you. How can you work in it and why do we recommend using our very tool? 

Work in Mozaus is intuitive. No complicated manuals, nothing unnecessary – everything is aimed at user friendliness and simplicity. Once you log in to your account, you will be able to select the necessary picture to serve as a basis for your photomosaic. The picture can be uploaded from your computer or downloaded from different sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Flickrand Dropbox. You can zoom the picture in and out to select an area for creating a photomosaic.  

User friendliness – the main advantage of Mozaus service 

Mozaus service, as noted above, has a simple and flexible integration with different social networks and services, allowing the downloading of any picture without any intermediate actions: you need not first save the image to your computer (or your mobile phone) and then upload it to the service.You can log in to your account in one of the offered services and select the photo you want to use for creating a photomosaic. In Facebook, for example, you can select your friends’ photos – they will be marked appropriately (with the friend’s name and surname) and added to the mosaic. 

After you have selected the right picture, you will need to specify the filling images (mosaic blocks) that will make up the original photo. These fillers may be a series of random images (your own photos, photos of the person to be presented with the mosaic, photos of his or her favorite actors, etc. – everything depends on your fantasy only). The more images the higher quality of the photomosaic. 

High speed of mosaic generation 

You will not have to wait long for a photomosaic generation– everything is done very quickly. At the output, you will get a final image consisting of lots of small photos with various filters. If you are not quite happy with the end result, you can re-generate it – in this case the mosaic will be made up using another algorithm. Once the photomosaic looks perfect to you, you can download it to your computer clicking on the corresponding button. 
The speed of mosaic generation in the Mozaus service is just amazing. Where as it takes many analogous services several minutes to do this, Mozaus does everything in no longer than a couple of seconds. Moreover, you need not enter any captchas, which takes lots of time and effort.
Using the Mozaus service, you will easily get a high-quality photomosaic in notime!

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