Stop giving plush toys on Valentine's Day! Give photo-mosaic!

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For some reason, men believe that a soft toy is a perfect gift for a girlfriend on Valentine's Day. As a result, the girls on that day get many teddy bears, rabbits, tigers, etc. Of course, on the one hand it's cute – a plush toy is still able to please a girl, but on the other hand – how will she subsequently understand who has given the present to her? When there are too many toys, they do not make you happy. And in this case, any original gift against the background of another pink rabbit will look as a real diamond.

Down with plush toys – let’s give original presents!

Men rarely think about what to present to their passions, trying to drop in the nearest store for a couple of minutes and find there a shabby valentine card with a standard poem or a declaration of love. Such courtesies, of course, are nice -but they are quickly forgotten and do not stuck in memory. If you want to be remembered by a girl for lifetime, try to find more creative and original approach to the holiday gifts on Valentine's Day.

We advise you to pay attention to the exquisite photo-mosaic that you can create from the pictures, which capture the best moments of your life, pictures of your girl, etc. Youwill be pleased to remember on this day all those warm and friendly moments that you have experienced together. You can create photo-mosaic very quickly and easily - just open MOZAUS, select a photo and provide shots for fragments of mosaic, and then you’ll get final result in high quality.

Later you can print photo-mosaic directly on the card that allows you to distinguish your present among the others. This gift will differ by its low price, but it will be original. A greeting card with photo-mosaic will be directly connected with you - it's much better than the common text of template valentines. You can come up with a greeting that looks well on the background of photo mosaic with your pictures together. Try it, go ahead, and show your creativity. We believe that the gift on Valentine's Day should be unusual and enjoyable. MOZAUS will help you!

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