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Treat you loved one to the most elegant and original gift

We are all tired of getting similar and boring gifts. Take this process creatively and present a vivid and interesting mosaic consisting of hundreds and even thousands of details.
MOZAUS will help you make any photo memorable.

Creating a mosaic with MOZAUS
is quite simple
It only takes four easy steps

Choose a photo
for the mosaic

Upload the photos
for mosaic

Get a perfect

an incredible

Get started
A photo mosaic looks perfect
in any size

Even if your photo-mosaic will be small in size, its fragments won’t lose their clarity and detail. You can always review all mosaic details.

That is why you can print your
photomosaic in any size
you desire.

Create your own mosaic right now
with the help of MOZAUS
Download photos from your social
media and cloud accounts

MOZAUS cooperates with various popular services
and social networks

A photo mosaic is an unexpected
but very pleasant gift

A photo mosaic is an original gift which will always be surprising and interesting.
Give a photo mosaic to your relatives as a token of affection. Present this gift to your beloved
for St. Valentine’s Day. Make a luxury gift to your boss in the form of the Company’s logotype mosaic.
Whatever your ideas are, they can always be presented in photo mosaic form
arousing the most sincere feelings!

Get started
MOZAUS is a simple and easy service
where you can create a photo mosaic
in only one minute

Due to the unique
technology, mozaus
works really fast

You don't need to install
any software, just upload
a photo online

Mozaus is user friеndly
just upload photos from
social networks

The web version
of your mosaic
is free

High resolution of your
mosaic alows high
quality printing

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