Create a merry photomosaic on the occasion of the April Fools’ Day

Amaze your friends!April Fools’ Day is a merry day of practical jokes, silly advice and detailed instructions! This holiday isn’t included into the official calendar, and yet on the first of April most people miraculously ignore prohibitions, boring formalities and even logic. On the April Fools’ Day everyone becomes a child again, including prestigious newspapers, TV companies and even NASA, entering this foolish race of practical jokes! For instance, in 2009 the space center published a realistic photograph of the Moon surface, depicting a fountain with clean water near the lunar module!  

There’s also a tradition of giving gifts on this day! Funny gifts cheer the friends up; they are proudly demonstrated to the acquainted, and boost the spirit! There’s no such thing as an expensive surprise – its role is to surprise and give your friend, darling granny, boss or a professor a good laugh!  

The MOZAUS service offers an extraordinary idea for the first of April gift – a photomosaic! The basic picture would consist of twenty, one hundred or even one thousand of amusing photos, downloaded from the laptop, mobile phone or social networking sites! Furthermore, collage elements won’t turn into poor pixels; they will remain distinct and clear pictures as they are shown in 300dpi quality!  

Here are some first of April Fools’ Day ideas for creating the “silly” photomosaic: 

  • “A man out of the past” – this may be a present to your girlfriend or sister: your photo, having mountains of evidence of your stay in the past, from the Mesozoic Era to the first Michael Jackson performance; 

  • A parachute jump by the company of the American President or Madonna; take advantage of Photoshop! 

  • “I’m getting married to the Prince” – if you got tired of waiting for the sacred wedding ring, send a photo report about your fantastic acquaintance with a millionaire or a star to your boyfriend!  

  • “Martians do exist!” – if an old friend of yours believes in stories about aliens, present him his portrait, comprising the NASA agent’s X-files archives. Convincing photos of the first alien “delegation” arrival can be easily found over the Internet. 

  • “Hollywood star” – if Jessica Alba’s laurels give no peace to your sister, then her best portrait made out of a hundred of photos, on which she is not a beauty at all, won’t make her laugh, but will definitely make her smile!  

Our grandpa works as an intelligence officer! Select a photo of your dear grandpa, and add some scene details from the famous James Bond movies. By the way, this idea works not only for grandpas, so even Mathematics professor may be given such a present! 

Here’s an express-recipe of the “delicious” photomosaic: a little time, a sea of fantasy, a handful of kindness and love.

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